The Fortnight

The Project

A big welcome to our second fortnighter Jacob AKA ‘Fanboy’...

Jacob’s plan was to build a party fan that reminds you of birthdays anniversaries and any other excuses to party! 

The idea: when someone walks past the fan would switch on, its party blower would go off and a display would notify you of whose birthday it was, or what event was happening that day.

In order for all of these ideas to synthesise, Jacob had to explore both online and offline communications, and to run them through an arduino.  

After getting the motion sensors and servo motor up and running within day one, he decided to start tackling how the online communications would work. The first task was to get the arduino communicating with Google Calendar so that event data could be read. 

This started as an offline post-it flow chart that, with the help of Temboo, became a functioning online flow of communication.

The arduino was connected to google calendar!

After a few long days of screen based work, Jacob set to looking into some of the physical mechanics. His first challenge- to turn an air can into a responsive device that could inflate the party blower! 

Another device that needed to be connected up was the LCD display. 

Now that all the components were working, the making could begin.

Laser-cutting, filing, 3D printing, wiring... All sorts of fun!

With all the essential parts made, the assembling could begin. This involved adapting a Cadbury heroes tin to house all of the electronic and mechanic components...

Another crucial aspect was making sure there were events in the calendar to be celebrated. So Jacob came up with a fun idea to get peoples birthdays and twitter handles coming in through a massive IDEO hopscotch calendar!

(With lots of printing mayhem along the way)

Now that the events were starting to come in, it was time to start pimping out this party fan with the appropriate accessories!

Dressed to impress, Fanboy was ready for his fortnight share debut!! 

Jacob wowed the studio with a demonstration of fanboy in action and a presentation of how he’d actually made it all happen.

Another bonkers and brilliant project!!